About evoke

Almost twenty years heading up some of the largest kitchen and bathroom retail businesses in the UK, has given us unrivalled knowledge and experience of this industry. During this time, listening to the needs and frustrations of customers helped spark some amazing ideas in how to approach things differently and bring a new way of selling kitchens and bathrooms.

Starting evoke has allowed us to turn all the ideas we had about ‘doing it better’ into practice. Within our showroom in Steep, Petersfield, we have eight full size kitchen displays and fifteen bathroom displays – all designed around real rooms.

At the heart of our showroom is our bespoke creation area, specifically designed to allow you to bring your space to life. With all available finishes, styles, worktops, taps and over 180 different tile options. It allows you to bring your whole room together, making sure the look works for you and helps to avoid any costly mistakes.

At evoke we don’t believe that practical living should compromise inspired design, so come and see what thinking differently looks like.

Why evoke

At Evoke, we believe that kitchens and bathrooms should be sold by people who understand the needs of the people that buy them. We know that a kitchen for people that cook is completely different from a kitchen for people that don’t. We understand that a bathroom design for a family with young children is a world away from an en-suite for a couple leading a busy lifestyle.

Above all we understand the frustrations with kitchens and bathrooms, because after almost twenty years heading up some of the biggest UK kitchen and bathroom retailers (not to mention our eight house moves, four full house renovations, seven different kitchens, twelve different bathrooms and two kids) we’ve experienced pretty much all of them ourselves!

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