Midhurst showroom

Like a lot of small businesses recently, we’ve had to make some big decisions to ensure we are best placed to ride this ever-changing Covid wave! So we’ve decided to consolidate the business, close our Midhurst showroom and focus on Petersfield. It was a really tough decision, but Petersfield was our first showroom and will always be our baby! So it’s business as usual in Petersfield – albeit with a little facemask action and no handshakes!

We’re certainly seeing a lot of people who after spending so long at home, can’t wait to make some changes to their living spaces. So a huge heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone we’ve been working with through the recent months and to those that have recently come to see us. It’s certainly been a crazy ride and your support means everything.

We look forward to creating some amazing spaces with you and no doubt a whole lot more home offices!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Justin and Sarah xx

E: hello@evoke-kb.co.uk
T: 01730 261881

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